re:SearchIL integration

  1. How it works

    1. We notify re:SearchIL every time a case has an added/changed/deleted document/attorney/party, as well as any changes to the security of a document or case.  

      1. This includes all documents produced at the court (e.g. orders, notices)

    2. re:SearchIL then asks us for an updated list of the documents/attorneys/parties

    3. If a user then asks for a document from the list, re:SearchIL gets it “fresh” from us. Aside from short-term cached copies, re:SearchIL doesn't keep copies of documents.

  2. Open issues

    1. Tyler currently only applies our updates when a case was e-filed they won’t add a new case “on the fly”.  So, if you issue an e-filing waiver for an OP petition, and your judge issues it, nothing will be on re:SearchIL

      1. Tyler has told one Clerk that this means orders should be e-filed, but they should really just start adding on the fly.

  3. Key issues regarding confidentiality

    1. Until you have our interface, re:Search operates in "repository mode", which only shows e-filed documents.

    2. As of October 2018, access was limited to Clerk staff, judges and the attorneys of record on the case. But the AOIC says that the public will have access someday.  

    3. We don’t yet provide secure documents or documents from secure cases, as per AOIC direction due to open issues about re:SearchIL security practices.

    4. Until you have our interface, whenever you secure a  case/document in JIMS/Imaging, you need to secure it manually in re:SearchIL.

    5. Older documents- as of 10/2/2018, Goodin and Tyler are both making changes to make sure we don't show documents from prior to the 7/1/2018 re:SearchIL mandate, because:

      1. Some Clerks operated in repository mode prior to that date and aren’t confident that things were getting secured manually back then.

      2. If Goodin updates re:Search on an old case from before SCR 138 put the burden of redaction on filers, unsecured documents containing confidential information not redacted by Clerks would wind up public.
    6. If you put the following into Imaging after 7/1/2018, you should secure it, because it could contain sensitive information.
      1. Old case files (all or a portion)
      2. Exhibits
      3. Record sheets