re:SearchIL integration

How it works

    1. We notify re:SearchIL every time a case has an added/changed/deleted document/attorney/party, as well as any changes to the security of a document or case.  

      1. This includes all documents produced at the court (e.g. orders, notices). This means that if you or judicial staff were e-filing documents produced by your judge or court, that is no longer necessary once you're integrated.

    2. re:SearchIL is then supposed to ask us for an update on the case, in the form of a list of all of the current documents/attorneys/parties... not just what has changed.

      1. Just as with Judici, this approach effectively makes the data "self-healing"- if re:Search is missing a document... or has the wrong case/document security status, it will be fixed the next time a case is changed as described above.
    3. If a user then asks for a document from the list, re:SearchIL gets it “fresh” from us. Aside from short-term cached copies, re:SearchIL doesn't keep copies of documents.


    1. Can't see docs on cases never e-filed on. If someone isn't seeing a document which they know is in the court's Imaging system- as of mid-October 2018, Tyler currently does not apply JIMS updates to case was e-filed. So, if you issue an e-filing waiver for an OP petition, and your judge issues it, nothing will be on re:SearchIL.

      1. Tyler has told one Clerk that they should work around this problem by e-filing such documents rather than just scanning them into Imaging. But we have asked that re:SearchIL simply start adding such new cases “on the fly”, as they do in e-filing.

How to get help with re:SearchIL

More issues with CMS integration tend to be on Tyler's end than ours, so Tyler has agreed that user issues from attorney, judges, Clerk staff etc. should be handled using the support resources available right on the re:SearchIL website.

Issues regarding court data security/confidentiality