Using Gmail to send email from PC JIMS: setup

Setup is two-fold: 1) Set up Google Chrome to open Gmail anytime you click a button that is for the purpose of sending an email. 2) Set up Windows to use Chrome as your default mail-to protocol.
1) Google Chrome browser setup --to ensure that ANY link you click for the purpose of sending an email will automatically open Gmail:
  1. Go to Chrome://settings
  2. Go to Site Settings
  3. Go to Additional Permissions
  4. Go to Handlers
  5. Turn ON the slide bar to "Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocol."
  6. Sign into your Gmail account.
  7. Look for the Handler icon --in the upper right corner next to the star icon. It looks like this:
  8. Click the Handler icon and choose ALLOW for "Allow to open all mail links."
2) Windows setup --tell Windows to use Chrome for emails:
  1. From your Windows Start menu, search for "default app".
  2. Choose the option that says "Choose a default app for each PROTOCOL".  (You may need to scroll down for this option.)
  3. In the list of protocols, look for MAILTO.
  4. Click on the MAILTO protocol and choose Chrome.
3. To test, open PC JIMS and pull up a case in Case Viewer e.g. 2008CF1.
  1. On the left side window, check the Email checkbox.
  2. One or more [To "email address"] drop-downs should appear below.
  3. To send an email to all the listed [To "email addresses"], Right-click and choose Email. 
    1. To send an email to one of the listed "To [email addresses]", Double-click that email address.
  4. Gmail should open a new email to the selected recipients.
This approach can be used as a guide for setting up other browser-based email services.

See for the guidance used to help assemble these instructions.
Contact GAL for help with any of this.