E-citation operations issues

  1. If police continue sending paper tickets, Clerk staff might opt to use incoming hard copy of tickets to drive the processing of e-citations in the PC JIMS Inbox, if they want to ensure that all required items are actually at the court (e.g. hard copy of ticket, DL, bond card) before the case is created.  

  2. Hearing data-  users will manually add judge, courtroom and hearing type as required. It may be helpful to do this with the Use Last button.

  3. As with payment collected by a collection agency, any amount receipted by the cop will generate a receipt based on when it was entered in JIMS, not when the officer took the money.

  4. Must/may appear determination. The AOIC has indicated that the court is ultimately responsible for getting this right, so JIMS will determine this without regard to what the officer put on the ticket.

    • Per Dan Mueller of the AOIC, “You must appear if you have multiple charges” is technically an over-simplification. Most officers only offer sign-and-drive, or they take your license, or (maybe) they take bond payments for the higher of the multiple amounts [under SCR 503(a)(2)] . In reality, the violator can demand to post cash bond (or a bond card) on all of the offenses (so that you never have to come back to the court). This is pretty rare, and will get even more rare in the sign-and-drive era, so we’re going to stick with the simpler “may appears become must-appears when there is more than one” rule. If you get enough bond money that it covers all of their offenses, you may wish to adjust JIMS.

  5. Rejection- Clerk staff have the option to reject the e-citation submission (e.g. officer forgets that the SA wants all street racing charges to go through the SAO).  If this happens, Clerk staff should contact the officer to resolve the issue, just as they do in the paper world.