Tips on using the EFM

While the EFM/approval module isn't a Goodin product and we can't really provide technical support for it, this page will contain any useful tips we learn about using it.


There are regular webinars on using the EFM.  You can sign up at


Court staff can review approved envelopes to verify whether a document was e-Served, to what email address, and whether the recipient has opened and viewed the served document.

In the Odyssey EFM, go to the Review History tab and supply the case or envelope number and click Filter. To the right of the envelope listing, click the View Filing Details button.

In the Filing Details, scroll to the Filing section. 

--e-Service was performed if the Filing Type is EFileAndServe
--There are links for the Original, Transmitted and Stamped documents, and the email transmission Log
--There is also a record of whether and when the recipient clicked the link to view the document in the email that was served.