Secure case types and e-filing

On 9/25/2017, Dan Mueller of the AOIC advised us that we should only return secure cases when the search was by case number.  We have implemented that approach, which solved the problem below.

There is no exemption for the AD and MH case types in the Jan. 1 mandatory civil e-filing deadline.  We certainly have courts which have marked these case type as “Not visible” on the CaseCategory tab of their eFileIL configuration, and that will have to change at some point before 1/1/2018. 

So, how do you allow filing on an adoption case without giving away the adoptee's name?  Tyler's documentation on the GetCaseList call (the CMS search function filers use to search for a case by name or case number in order to file on it) says:
GetCaseList queries for a list of cases within a particular court's CMS, matching on either the case number or a case participant's name. A search by case participant name is a search for an individual or an organization, not an individual within an organization. The CMS should not return secured cases.

If we don't return secured cases, then there would be no way for anyone to file on them.  So originally, we were violating Tyler's documentation and returning secure cases.