Post-rollout process


Tyler can help you make the following fixes, since they know how their configuration spreadsheets work better than anyone.

  1. Fix items which were set up, but not tied to anything.  This happens mostly with Filing Fees and CTs (subtypes), and is indicated by a "Has References" flag indicating "NOT_USED".  
    1. Note to GAL Staff we copy CaseCategory [JIMS case type], PartyType and CaseType_PartyType directly from our master configuration, because the case types, subtypes and party types are standard for all our clients.  But a court noting that ???????????????????????? may say we missed a CaseType_PartyType entry for the required party types on a given subtype.  If so, we may need to add that to our master configuration.
  2. Fix Filing Fee entries not connected with any case types (Case Category), which will never get used.  This is indicated by a Case Category Reference Code of NOT_CONNECTED.  This happens if both of the following are true:
    1. The FilingFee isn't referenced by a CT (subtype) record
    2.  The FilingFee is referenced by a  Filing Code, but that that filing code isn't associated with a CC (case type).  
  3. Add JIMS fee table entries where missing. This is indicated by a "Fee Table Entry" indicating NO_SPLIT_FOUND. 
  4. Fix line items erroneously associated with case type (CaseCategory).  A Case Category Reference Code of MULTI_CC can reveal that a case-type-specific filing fee (e.g. "F - Appearance") is incorrectly getting offered on more than just one case type.
  5. Fix line items which have cross-references to items which don't exist.  This is indicated by the FK_CHECK column our tool adds.  
    1. FilingCodes and Case Types can point at non-existent FilingFees
    2. CaseType_PartyType entries may point to CaseTypes or PartyTypes which don't exist, resulting in case being created without required party types.
    3. CaseCategory_FilingCode entries may point at non-existent things, causing filing codes not to be offered on case types where the should
    4. FilingComponent entries my point at non-existent FilingFee entries, such that the proper optional service fees aren't collected.
    5. FilingCode_FilingComponent entries may point at non-existend FilingCodes or FilingComponents, resulting in an optional service not being offered when it should be (e.g. "Jury Demand- 6-Person" on SC cases).
    6. FilingFees- ignore the FK_CHECK column on this tab. 

Double-checks and tweaks

  1. Double-check that fees for case initiation have been set for each case type/subtype, by assigning a Filing Fee Reference Code to each entry on the CT. 
    1. Make sure you don't have any Filing Components associated with case initiation which are doing the same thing as a CT record.  Courts which were in the early phase of eFileIL rollout (when the CT tab contained case types rather than subtypes) may have created such Filing Components just to have a way to collect subtype-specific filing fees (e.g. Residential Foreclosure, Tier II).
  2. Double-check that filing fees have been set (i.e. using a Filing Fee Reference Code) for subsequent filings which have fees.
  3. Double-check that the config has filing fee records for all normal filing fees in the JIMS fee tables.
    1. Note: Some courts have JIMS fee table entries which represent common combinations of filing fees an optional services (e.g. publication fees).   Those should not be in your configuration.

Other changes

  1. Top 10 list (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)- details TBD