Tips to manage court operations in the time of COVID-19


This page will provide helpful tips on PC JIMS features you might find useful as court react to COVID-19

Batch updating and notification of hearings

Per e-mail 3/17/2020

I took a peek at the Supreme Court's website this morning and noted that so far courts are deciding to stay open, but reschedule all non-urgent hearings.    I wanted to remind you that the Update Docketed Cases option provides clerks with a way to both update hearings in batch and print Notices of Appearance for that batch. 

I am attaching a document (available here) that has the complete instructions for this program.  I do, however want to note one thing about the Notice of Appearance option in the program.  At this time, that Notice of Appearance option will print the notice to the litigant's attorney, if a litigant has an attorney, on both civil or criminal cases.  This is consistent with Supreme Court Rule 11, which indicates that service should be made to the attorney if there is an attorney of record, but it might not be what you are needing at this exact moment, when you are rescheduling cases due to the COVID threat.  If your judge(s) have given you explicit instructions to notify the litigants AND their attorneys, that is not what you will get when you use Notice of Appearance option from Update Docketed Cases.


Now, even if you've been told to notify both the litigants and their attorneys, you might still be able to use this option when you are updating the hearings on minor traffic cases, because they wouldn't typically have an attorney anyway.  So you might find that you can use the Update Docketed Cases sometimes, but not other times.    I am working to get notification options, so it can be used differently each time, depending upon your need at that moment.   That won't help us right now, but it will make the program more flexible for future use.  In the meantime, if you can't use the notice from it, you won't want to use it to reschedule the cases either.  If you reschedule the cases using the Update Docketed Cases program, and then go into Edit Hearings to generate the notices, you will not get the "reset" language on the notice that you print from the Hearings screen-and that wouldn't be good either.


Applying macros--I've talked to several clerks who have to put a macro in the record sheet to say that the case is being rescheduled due to an administrative order or for COVID reasons. If that macro is worded in such a way that the same macro can be put into each case (i.e. not referencing the specific hearing that is being rescheduled), you could use the macro on one case, and then use Copy Litigant Data to copy that RS entry to each of the other case numbers, using the Case Number tab of Copy Litigant Data instead of the Batch tab.  Then, once the macro is in all of the cases, you could use the Update Docketed Cases program to update the hearing dates and print the notices.


The next few weeks are going to be very unique for all of us.  I'll send along other thoughts as they come up.  We'll also keep a running list of all of these tips here.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop to work remotely, accessing everything on your work computer from home

Per e-mail 4/2/2020

A few of you have asked how you can Implement remote access to let users get to everything on their work PCs, including all Goodin software, all their files and your network servers/drives, just as if they were sitting at their desks.  There are many options for remote access, and your IT staff may already have a preferred choice.  If not, one option you may want to discuss with them is Chrome Remote Desktop.  It only takes a few minutes to set up, and current instructions for setup and use can always be found here.  Got questions?  Give Kurt a call.

Clerk action required to make sure CMS users (SAs, PDs, POs) don't lose access to secure records on Judici

Per e-mail 4/2/2020

For some time, Judici has provided free access to PC JIMS records for CMS users in the judicial system (judges, SAs, PDs, POs)... and this is especially useful now that some such staff are working from home.  In January 2020, the Remote Access Policy was rolled out, preventing non-CMS users such as private attorneys from seeing confidential records such as juvenile cases and secured documents. While most judges were fully-configured in the CMS to allow continued access to such confidential records, many SA/PD/PO users were not.  So we had to put in temporary Judici security overrides so these users wouldn't lose access.  But in the end, only the Circuit Clerk can grant access to sensitive information on Judici and ensure that CMS users are properly configured.

As such, we will soon be sending you a blank Exhibit D2- AUTOMATIC Extended Access Security Groups document to address these these user groups, along with a copy of your existing version (if any) of Exhibit D2... which would've covered only judges and private attorneys). Kat will be following up with you if you need help with security configuration.  Kurt, Trey, or other support staff will then get in touch to make sure your SA, PD and POs are configured properly in the CMS so that we can remove our overrides without such users losing access.

Those who want to read up on this can check out this page.if they want.  Or just wait for us to get in touch,