Remote access

Goodin Associates has on occasion been asked whether we've considered developing a web-based version of our software. For various reasons, 1,2,3, we continue to find that keeping your data and software at the courthouse is the preferred solution.

Thankfully, for those who want office-desk-level access from home or in the field, quick and easy and proven secure solutions already exist. They're called remote PC access software, and they're available from various providers. They include TeamViewerLogMeIn and GoToMyPC to name a few. These services provide you the means to very simply, easily and securely log in to your work PC/Computer from anywhere. Once logged in, you can take control as if you were sitting at your work desk, with access to all your programs, all your data, all your shortcuts, links, schedules, everything. See this TopTenReviews for more.

In the absence of reasons against it, Goodin Associates could bloat our software and inflate our costs to build you a remote-access solution. But why would you want us to do that when you can get remote access to all your programs from anywhere, from any Internet-connected device? This functionality is readily available from providers dedicated to this type of service.

Remote access tools are in use by thousands of businesses and individuals the world over. And while prices range, most seem reasonably priced (GoToMyPC costs $99/YR at the time of this writing). Given that they offer you remote access to ALL your work/office software and data by simply logging you in to your work computer, they would seem to be offering a pretty good deal.

Most of these providers even offer a free trial.

Why not check it out? See for yourself just how easy remote access can be. Maybe ask your IT for their recommended provider.

The next time someone tries to tell you that their case management system is better than yours because it's web-based, you can call their bluff. You have the much better case management system, as well as access to a much more comprehensive solution for remote access.