Selecting tools for displaying PC JIMS Lobby Docket

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You can't be sure something will work until you try it.  So always get a returnable/loaner hardware, take it to the court and test it out with PC JIMS Lobby Docket. 

Below are some lists of successfully tested tools.  Discussions with courts running Lobby Docket may reveal other successful options. 

Monitor, PC and combination of the following:

Windows 7 (tested w/ WIN7, but should work the same w/ XP)

  • Firefox ver. 26
  • Chrome ver. 32
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Android [does not work]


  • Chrome ver. 31.0.1650.63
  • Firefox ver. 18.0.2

All-in-one units

Various manufacturers make units which serve as monitor, PC, OS and browser.  
We recommend platforms marketed specifically for "digital signage", due to their longer life and warranties.  Units built for home use often have shorter lifespans.

The following all-in one units were tested at one time, and found to work:
 County   Manufacturer & model #
Date of test
Operating system
 Browser WarrantyPortrait AND/OR landscape?
 Boone Samsung SIM-NT, w/ Samsung 460DX-3 digital signage display     10.01.13 Win7 CE -embedded  compact Firefox 22.0  landscape
10 Zig Technologies WES7 thin client, w/ Toshiba 40E220U television receiver 09.05.12 Win7 -embedded  standard IE9 3YR on thin  client portrait
 Bond    Seneca Media Player, w/ Samsung 350 NIT display MD46C from AdGators 10.17.13 Linux     AdGators proprietary 3YR         portrait
 Bond PC, w/ AOC Envision Series 32” flat panel display 10.17.13  WinXP IE9         unknown             portrait

 County   Manufacturer & model #
Date of test
Operating system
 Browser WarrantyPortrait AND/OR landscape?
 Bond         PC, w/ Hitachi 32” flat panel display 10.17.13 WinXP IE9         unknown     portrait
PC, w/ LG 47" 120hz 1080p televisions.  Signal fed to (7) televisions through a ZvBox 170 HD-QAM Modulator 720P. 12.10.12 Win7                         IE9 3YR         landscape

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