Texting clients from PC JIMS

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What kinds of test messages might your county choose to send?

You can send text reminders to notify litigants of upcoming hearings.

You can text jurors to keep them abreast of their responsibilities.

Probation officers can text clients reminders for any number of reasons.


To be able to text clients from PC JIMS, you need Red Oxygen account, which handles the actual sending of texts for a very modest fee.

  • Go the free trial route, osign up for something like 1,000 messages to start. 
  • Sign up for “SMS API” access --the option for a CRM solution.
  • Indicate to Red Oxygen that you are to be set up under the Goodin Associates 10dlc registration (read more on this, below).
  • You shouldn’t have to provide any info other than your standard billing information (and maybe not even that).  

 Once your Red Oxygen account is set up, call GAL with four pieces of information:  

  • your Red Oxygen Account ID
  • the email associated with the account
  • the account password
  • samples of the sort of text message you plan to send

Your account info should not change if you go the trial route, then switch to a paid plan.

You should not have to upload or download or install anything. 

Just provide us your info, and we handle the rest of your setup.

10dlc Requirements: registration for spam monitoring

Read about all of this in Red Oxygen's post.

Fees for 10dlc spam monitoring

As of mid-April 2021, these fees are still evolving, but here are a couple of links to pages which can help keep you up to date:
  1. Red Oxygen's take on fees- this is a bit a bit alarmist because it includes penalties which will only happen if their senders don't register. 
  2. Here's another texting provider's fee summary.