PC JIMS for Judges & staff, court reporters

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Available from support.goodinassociates.com/302 [Cnv- link, redo link]

Case Viewer- all case details at your fingertips, in one comprehensive view....

Lets judges drill into into the daily docket and have all case data, from 75+ Judici counties, right at their fingertips.

Learn more here. [Cnv- link, but link is dead]

E-Filing Inbox for judges

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PC JIMS Imaging for judges

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Need online access too?

Court personnel are entitled to a free subscription to Judici Courtlook, which enables many of the same services as PC JIMS:

    • View schedules at a glance

    • Drill in for easy access to all case data, including case file documents

Running the court call based on the parties/attorneys that are present

Want to handle cases in the order in which parties arrive? Once you've pulled up your cases by hearing date and time, switching to the Bailiff tab allows you to activate and receive arrival information recorded by our optional PC JIMS Bailiff application. Litigant and attorney names are highlighted in orange to signify their arrival.

See our printer-friendly Judici Judge Services Fact Sheet [Cnv- link, but page not found] for more. Or just visit http://subscribersupport.judici.com/2000 [Cnv- link, but link will likely break upon conversion] to learn how to to sign up for Courtlook.