During setup of eFileIL

What bank account should the Clerk use for the filing fees collected by eFileIL?

    • As with deposits from other credit card processors, Judici recommends that you do not deposit the funds in the same account used by Judici E-Pay. This runs the risk of throwing off your ability to reconcile the account against the incoming deposits.

    • Based on our experience with e-payments in general, we also recommend against having the funds land directly in your main disbursement account.

      • Consider what would happen if your staff approved a filing on the EFM, filing fees are collected, and when the filing arrives at the Inbox, you discover that it should have been rejected. The process of backing out that payment will be easier if those funds are in a clearing account rather than in your main/audited account.

Should I use EFM "Court Locations" to represent my branch offices?

Whiteside County asked Tyler about this, because they have a branch office. They were told, "No".