Red Oxygen [sample] Brand and Campaign Registration Information Form

Red Oxygen

Brand and Campaign Registration Information Form

Company Name

[Provide your county name or county office(s)]

DBA Company Name

[Provide your county name or county office(s)]

Red Oxygen Account #

--provide it

Do you send SMS to or from the US?


Country of Registration

United States

EIN or TaxID

--provide it

Street Address

--provide it


--provide it



Zip code

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Company Website

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Stock Symbol


Stock Exchange


Company Vertical


Contact Email

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Contact Name

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Contact Phone

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Standard Campaign Type

Low Volume Mixed

Special Campaign Type

Account notification

Campaign Vertical Type


Campaign Description

Court-related reminders e.g. court hearing reminders, communications w/ jurors and potential jurors re: jury matters (if applicable), Probation office reminders re: client responsibilities (if applicable), other,...

[Feel free to edit this to the pertinent types of messages sent using your Red Oxygen account. Include information on the types of messages sent from each office with whom you may share the account.]

Campaign Text 1

--provide a sample Court hearing reminder message (if any)

Campaign Text 2

--provide a sample Juror message (if any)

Campaign Text 3

--provide a sample meeting reminder message sent by Probation (if any)

[We presume that if you send a text message which looks a lot like your samples, it won’t be flagged as spam. But if you send one which is different enough (e.g. “You have a payment due this week”), maybe it could get flagged. So you may want to list additional Campaign Texts under “More Campaigns?” at the end of the form.]

Subscriber Opt-in

[If you advise litigants that their phone number will be used for text messaging, the answer is YES. If you don’t advise them, you probably should.]

Subscriber Opt-out


[Red Oxygen does this- if a text recipient replies STOP to one of your texts to opt out of receiving future texts from you, Red Oxygen advised us that they will no longer pass along texts from you to that number. Red Oxygen will also send you an email notifying you of this. --It is up to you to then remove that person’s cell number from their Cell Number field in PC JIMS. Rather than delete it, we recommend you move it to the Home Phone number field so the individual will no longer get texts.]

Subscriber Help


Number Pooling


Direct Lending or Loan Arrangement


Embedded Link

[If you include any links in your text messages, e.g. to your website or, list them here.]

Embedded Phone Number

[If you include any phone numbers in your text messages, list them here.]

Affiliate Marketing


Age-Gated Content


More Campaigns?

[If you use more campaign text messages than those listed above, you may want to include those here, e.g. Campaign Text 4, Campaign Text 5,...]