Approving and Processing E-Citations in PCJIMS

Electronic citations will appear in the Clerk’s inbox and will remain until they are approved. Complete the following steps to approve and process an E-Citation in PCJIMS.

1. Open the Inbox > Expand the “E-Citation” folder (click on the +)

a. Select the case # and double click to open the Document Review/Summary screen

2. Document Review window opens > Select the Complaint tab

a. Approve each complaint by checking the “approved” box.

b. To edit the Record Sheet entries > right click on the line below it and select edit.

3. Save or Reject

a. Save to process the citation. If it is rejected, it will not be processed and will not show up in the Clerk’s in-box.

b. If the system locks up, print the ticket > reject > manually create the case in PC JIMS.

4. “Add” screen appears. Verify information.

a. The following information must be included for the system to process the citation.

· Litigant Tab: Litigant’s Name, Address, Driver’s License

· Case Tab: Arrest Date, Arresting Agency, Arresting Officer

· Hearing Tab: Hearing Date, Time, Hearing Type

5. Save > Case # Added > OK

6. Receipt New Bond Message > Save> OK

7. Bond Screen > Save/Close Screen

8. Edit Charge and Disposition Screen > Save

a. Yes – If error message “Record Sheet Entry Made” > OK > Save

9. Add a Case Message> OK > Save (Repeats for multiple complaints)

10. In-Box > OK

11. Documents Imported > OK

a. This screen will appear multiple times if there are multiple complaints.

12. Exit or minimize the In-Box

Setting View Preferences

The “Submit E-Citation” folder preferences can be set so the folder remains open at all times. To set this preference, open the in-box and select View > Submission Types > E-Citation.

Ticket History

· New tickets appear in the in-box until they are approved and processed.

· Users may select their history preference by selecting Edit > Preferences > Show History > Check a preference


· If a ticket appears in the Clerk’s service provider folder (i.e. APS or digiTICKET), but does not appear in the PCJIMS in-box, contact GAL.