E-citation operations issues

  1. Multiple charges on a single litigant- If the Inbox entry shows multiple charges, JIMS will not put them all onto a single case. It will make multiple cases, with one exception: if the two charges are the specific offenses used to charge the same DUI, that will create a single DT case.

    1. If you want to have the most severe charge be the first case created (e.g. for bond application reasons) you can re-order the charges by right-clicking the charge and selecting the "Move Down" or "Move Up" options.

  2. Notify law enforcement if you reject - Clerk staff can reject an e-citation (e.g. officer forgets that the SA wants handle all street racing charges). But if this happens, Clerk staff should contact the officer to let them know.

  3. Automatically assigning a default prosecutor - the JIMS' Technical menu (Technical > Case Management Tables > Edit Default Prosecutors) lets the Clerk assign a defaults prosecutor for any case type. Default prosecutor assignments for traffic cases can done by agency (in case a city attorney prosecutes city PD tickets), but other than that, we recommend that you use the "Other agencies" to assign your State's Attorney to all agencies.

  4. Changing the record sheet entries- since different courts use a variety of different formats of record sheet entries, docket sheet entries can be modified or removed during Inbox processing. Once you've checked the "Reviewed" checkbox, right-click on the docket sheet entry on the left-hand side of the document review screen and choose the option to Edit.

  5. If you don't want to look at completed e-citations - use your "show history" preferences to set how long they will remain in the Inbox. This can be changed in the Inbox's Preferences menu (Edit > Preferences > Show History).

    1. Receipt dates- as with payment collected by a collection agency, any amount receipted by the cop will generate a receipt based on when it was entered in JIMS, not when the officer took the money.

    2. Must/may appear determination. The AOIC has indicated that the court is ultimately responsible for getting this right, so JIMS will determine this without regard to what the officer put on the ticket.

    3. If the Digiticket auto-exporter isn't available for some reason, the xml files for each ticket can be put into Goodin's processing manually, as follows:

    4. Unzip the ticket zip file into a series of files with a file extension of .xml

    5. Put the files into the "digiticket" folder on your Imaging server (if you're not sure where that folder is, on your server you can just search for it)

    6. Within a minute, Goodin's importer should process these files and move them into a ".done" folder. If that doesn't happen, contact Goodin.