re:SearchIL integration

How our re:SearchIL integration works

Since 1999 has been providing remote access services for the 75+ courts which use Goodin Associates' PC JIMS CMS. It also enables other e-government integrations such e-plea/a-pay, e-citation and collections.

In 2017 when the state mandated re:SearchIL for statewide remote access (see here), Judici created new CMS interface (CMSI) services which keep re:SearchIL in the loop and handle document requests as follows:

    1. Notify re:SearchIL every time a case has an added/changed/deleted document/attorney/party, as well as any changes to the security of a document or case.

      1. This includes all documents produced at the court, except those having a Filing Type of "Judge Notes" or "Miscellaneous Document not part of Court File". So Clerk and judicial staff do not have to e-file orders, notices, etc. for them to be in re:SearchIL.

    2. re:SearchIL then runs a GetCase query to ask Judici for an update on the case, and Judici returns a list of all of the current documents/attorneys/parties.

      1. Just as with Judici's interfaces with our 75+ courts, this approach effectively makes the data "self-healing"- if re:Search is missing a document... or has the wrong case/document security status, it will be fixed the next time a case is changed as described above.

    1. If a user then asks for a document from the list, re:SearchIL gets it “fresh” from Judici. Aside from short-term cached copies, re:SearchIL doesn't keep copies of documents.


We notify of changes and provide updates on ALL case types.


How to get help with re:SearchIL

Tyler has advised that user issues from attorney, judges, Clerk staff etc. should be handled using the support resources available right on the re:SearchIL website.

Issues regarding court data security/confidentiality