PC JIMS software requirements

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Note: The performance of PC JIMS, PC JIMS IMAGING and other Goodin Associates PC programs depends on many factors and is somewhat subjective. The hardware and system configurations described below may not ensure performance speeds which meet any given person's expectations. For this reason, we ask all clients considering purchase of our PC software to judge for themselves before making a decision about purchasing the software or other hardware.

  1. PC JIMS software is designed to run on the Windows/PC platform. At the time of this write-up, we recommend Windows 10, at least 4GB memory (preferably 8, 12 or 16GB), and at least a Pentium 4 processor (3 GHz).

  2. While PC JIMS software will run perfectly well on a laptop with a 15" screen, 27" desktop monitors are definitely recommended.

  3. Display resolution must be set to a minimum 1024 x 768. MUCH higher resolutions are definitely preferred.

  4. While a Mac that can be configured for dual boot can run PC JIMS in Windows mode, this is not supported. For die-hard Mac users, 16GB memory are recommended.

  5. A PDF Reader is required. We recommend Foxit Reader.

  6. PC JIMS programs require network access to the Circuit Clerk iSeries and Imaging systems. The cooperation of on-location IT may be required.

  7. iSeries400 OS software must be at a level determined to work with PC JIMS. See the OS column in the chart below. But know that all our clients are at an functional OS level.

  8. a. To check your OS level, get to a JIMS green screen command prompt.

  9. b. Type GO LICPGM and enter.

  10. c. Type 10 at the command line, and enter.

  11. d. Scroll to look for a Licensed Program with *COMPATIBLE in the Installed Status column and CLIENT ACCESS/400 EXPRESS FOR WINDOWS in the Description column.

  12. e. If you don't have it, your iSeries400 is running at a non-compatible OS level and you will need to update your iSeries400 system. Call Goodin Associates

  13. PCs must be running iSeries client software at a level and service pack approved for your IBM OS level, and approved for use with PCJIMS. See the chart below. At the time of this write-up, we recommend using V6R1 or V7R1 with the approved service pack

  14. a. Having noted your OS level in the previous step, see the chart to determine which level of client software will work.

  15. b. Provide your IT staff a copy of this info to ensure they do not use a non-confirmed version.

  16. c. Call Goodin Associates hardware support if you are not sure.

  17. d. Use of unapproved versions of IBM software may result in errors.

  18. e. Having noted your OS level in the previous step, see the chart (below) to determine which level of client software will work.

  19. f. To check which version/release and service pack your PC is using, navigate to something like,...

  20. Start/Programs/IBM iSeries Access Express/i-Series Access Properties (...this path name will vary, depending on your client software release)

  21. g. Note your version, release and service level numbers. If you're not at a confirmed version/release or service level, contact Goodin Associates hardware support.

  22. h. Installing a different version/release level will require first uninstalling the existing version, and a reboot of the PC/laptop.

    1. Installing iSeries client software V6R1 or higher requires installation of the Microsoft vcredist patch(es). Use the most recent versions, available on our temp page.

      • 32-bit systems need to install vcredist x86.exe

      • 64-bit systems need to install vcredist x86.exe and vcredist x64.exe

  23. DDM must be set to start when TCP/IP is started. This system setting needs to be done on only one PC. Once set, it will be set for all.

  24. a. Go to iSeries Navigator

  25. b. Click '+' beside your iSeries400 IP address UNDER "My Connections"

  26. c. Click '+' beside Network

  27. d. Click '+' beside Servers

  28. e. Double-click TCP/IP

  29. f. Right-click on DDM

  30. g. Go to Properties

  31. h. Check "Start when TCP/IP is started," and click OK

  32. Your iSeries400 TCP/IP FTP setting must be set to autostart. Once this system setting has been set through 1 PC, it will be set for all.

  33. a. At a command line, type CFGTCP and Enter

  34. b. Take Opt. 20

  35. c. Take Opt. 10

  36. d. If needed, change "Autostart servers" to *YES and Enter

  37. Use gigabit switches rather than hubs or 100Mb switches. -- Your network configuration may affect the speeds you experience when using PC JIMS. For this reason, we recommend using switches rather than hubs. Hubs broadcast network traffic in every direction rather than targeting a specific IP address. The nature of such a setup can thereby create enough combined traffic to impact performance of GAL PC software.

  38. Provide Goodin Associates, Ltd. remote access to computers on which you intend to run PC JIMS. We recommend the VNC built into PC JIMS. Contact your Network Administrator to allow VNC connections. Call Jeff or Kurt at Goodin Associates for assistance.

  39. RECOMMENDED: Check this page for the latest updates to PC/JIMS software requirements.