Changing filing fees

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Changing Prices on your eFileIL Items

When you need to change prices in Odyssey eFileIL, or activate and price hidden items, you'll submit a ticket with Tyler Court Support.

Some of the info you'll need for those support tickets is found in the lists linked below.

In your Tyler ticket,

    1. Specify your county.

    2. State where you want the price to appear (new case fee, on a filing code, or in Optional Services).

    3. Indicate whether the item should appear only for certain Case Categories (case types), or all of them.

    4. Type in the full name of the item you need to price (the reports below may have truncated some of them).

    5. Specify the "CMS Code" or "Fee Code" from the column on a fee list below. Make sure you use the fee code list corresponding to the correct version of the standards.

    6. State the price you need on the item.

If your request is outside the eFileIL standards most recently implemented, you might want to discuss it with Goodin first, or anticipate that Tyler will have follow up questions about your request.

Usually, Tyler implements your request at Stage and asks you to verify the change. You can get help from Goodin to do that. Once verified, Tyler will perform the same update on the Production site.

Fee lists

For the codes to provide in your ticket, make sure to use the list corresponding to the eFileIL standard currently in use at Production.