Tips to help you stare at a monitor all day

Eyes strained? Too much data? Not enough screen? Too small a screen? Glare?

There are ways to help mitigate some of the monitor viewing troubles users can experience, depending on what's at issue:

  1. If font appears too small to read:

    1. Try the obvious: adjust your screen resolution and monitor settings. PC JIMS requires a minimum 1024 x 768, but that setting can leave you shifting left/right and up/down to get at all the data on a screen. Play with different screen resolution and monitor settings to see what might work.

      1. Get a larger monitor. A 27" or 32" isn't out of the question for PC JIMS users: these screens push a lot of data. Consider a monitor with 1920 x 1080 [Cnv- link, invalid URL] native screen resolution. 2560 x 1440 also works well. Or get a 4K monitor, knowing you will likely throttle down the screen resolution till you find a setting that's comfortable.

    2. Multiple monitors is another option, especially for users who work with multiple programs/screens open simultaneously. You'll want to confirm your PC or laptop can handle multiple monitors, and the type of connections/cables required.

        • FWIW: I work with (2) side-by-side extended 27" 4K monitors set at 2560 x 1440 screen resolution. Also, my "size of text, apps and other items" setting is set to 125%. This works well for me in most apps, including PC JIMS, which evenso, can span my first and halfway through my second display. I believe the future will argue for ever wider screens, which are also and already an option.

      1. While they do not appear terribly well reviewed, another option is to use a magnifying screen [Cnv- link, invalid link] on a monitor. These come with different price tags, depending on how much screen you want to magnify. --I cannot speak to how well these really work.

  1. Eye strain and fatigue, and headaches from staring at a monitor all day can also be due to UV rays that displays emit. Consider UV-blocking eye protection: these are specialty eye glasses, as seen here on Amazon, available in non-prescription and varying prescription strengths.

Know of other monitor viewing issues/recommendations? (Don't get me started on how to sit at a computer. Please let me know at