E-Filing tools

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GAL supports a variety of e-filing tools, depending on who is to use filing:

External filers

    • Private attorneys (and eventually pro-se litigants)- can use Judici E-Filing or any EFSP certified on eFileIL

  • Public access for at-court filers (especially pro-se filers)- the court will have to pick one of the EFSPs certified by eFileIL and make it available on a secure kiosk computer.

Internal filers (judges, SA, etc)- options outside of eFileIL

    • Proposed orders- see Inbox documentation [Cnv- link, link is missing] for more on assigning a filing to a judge for them to review and possibly sign/e-file.

    • Some notices generated by the Clerk (hearing notices) can actually be stored in Imaging without even going to the Inbox. Filing of court-generated documents:

    • E-filing from within PC JIMS Imaging and the PC JIMS Inbox, because:

      • Many of these users already use these tools to view documents, so filing from Imaging is more convenient than logging into a separate EFSP. .

      • Judges can already use the Inbox to review, sign and file incoming e-filed documents such as proposed orders. The Summer 2017 release of PC JIMS allows them to upload their own documents and run them through these e-signature/e-filing tools.

      • Filings never leave the county's local area network and wind up stored on the servers of EFSPs and EFMs.

    • Drag and drop e-filing