iSeries (green screen): frequently used admin commands

Vary On/Off a Device

  1. At Cmd line, type WRKCFGSTS *DEV and enter

  2. Locate your device

  3. To Vary Off, put a 2 beside your device and enter

  4. To Vary On, put a 1 beside your device and enter

  5. If your device is status "Failed", vary if Off, then On.

Work with a Device Description

  1. At Cmd line, type WRKDEVD and enter

Print grid showing your device (DSP, PRT) addresses

  1. At Cmd line, type OVRPRTF and enter

    • At 'File being overridden', type *PRTF

    • At 'Printer', type the name of your reports printer, i.e., PRT01

    • At 'Characters per inch', type 16.7 and enter

  2. At Cmd line, type PRTDEVADR CTL01 and enter

  3. Repeat each of these steps substituting CTL01 with CTL02 or CTL03, depending on the controller of which you would like to print a device address matrix.

Change iSeries/AS400 Time (Daylight Savings)

  1. Go to WRKSYSVAL and F4

  2. At Sysval, type QTIME and enter

  3. Select Opt. 2 to change, type over with new time and enter

Display Job Log

  1. At Cmd line, type DSPLOG and F4

  2. At 'Beginning Time', type the "military" time you wish to view, i.e., 22:00:00 + 10pm

  3. At 'Beginning Date', type the date you wish to check, i.e., 08062005 for August 6th, 2005 and enter

  4. What you will view is a very specific section of a 30 day log that the AS400 maintains. You specified the date and time.

Send a Break Message

  1. Discern the workstation to which you wish to sens a message

    • WRKACTJOB and enter

    • Identify the user to whom you wish to send a message

    • Identify the workstation at which that iser is signed on

  2. Type SNDBRKMSG and F4

    • Type your message

    • Enter the work station (i.e. DSP04) that you identified above and enter

Display System Messages

  1. If you are on a green-screen session on a PC

    • Right click on screen

    • Click on SysRq (on either Pad1 or Pad1)

    • Type a 6 on the dotted line at bottom screen and enter

  2. If you are on a dumb terminal

    • Hold down the Shift key and press the SysRq key

    • Type a 6 on the dotted line at bottom screen and enter

  3. Another option from either session is to type DSPMSG QSYSOPR and enter

  4. Follow options instructions, i.e., press F16 to remove all but unanswered messages

Record an IP Address assigned to a new device, like a new stand-alone printer

  1. at the command line, type CFGTCP and enter

    • Select Opt. 10

    • Select Opt.1

    • Type the new IP address number

    • Record the device name, i.e., PRT07