Testing re:SearchIL using test data in your JIMS system

Since it takes a few minutes for anything you make in JIMS to be picked up by Tyler, consider setting up all of the needed cases and documents in advance, then going to re:Search to do the testing. This will also be easier for the Clerk than finding certain kinds of cases/documents which you perhaps have never even had.

Create a test case of each subtype you are supposed to test

    • Use the Insert function in JIMS

    • Use case year 1950

    • Start at sequence number 10000

    • Last name = "TEST"

    • First name- use your county name

    • Set the Middle initial/name to "SUBTYPEDESCR" for now

    • Add the bare minimum litigant data, including a close date on the Case Tab which matches the file date

Flesh out one of the litigants

    • Add one of each kind of document you're supposed to test

    • Add one of the test attorneys as attorney of record

Copy the fleshed-out litigant to all of the test cases

    • Use the Copy Litigant Data hub option

Customize each each test case

    • Set the Middle initial/name to indicate the subtype you're testing (e.g. "Eviction- Foreclosure")

When done testing

  • Keep the case for future testing, or get rid of it by deleting all the litigants