4-Things: Setup for Civil e-filing

1. Set up your judges

    1. Setup each judge with a unique User ID (their initials) in PC JIMS. Their User ID should indicate an initial menu of MNUJDG. This is handled in the green screen. Call GAL if you need help.

    2. Setup a Security Table entry for each judge’s PC JIMS User ID.

    3. Update your judge table in PC JIMS Technical/Case Management Tables/Edit Judges to link each judge’s name to their PC JIMS User ID.

    4. Setup each judge’s User ID in PC JIMS Imaging: Technical Menu/Edit Users. Each judge should be part of the Judge user group.

    5. If your judges plan to sign documents electronically, you need to get their signature into PC JIMS. See Electronic Signatures in PC JIMS for info on how to capture and apply signatures.

2. Fix your attorney address records

    • Click here for instructions on how to add (or fix) attorney address records, and how to fix cases that have a firm name as the attorney. No attorney record should be setup to represent the firm only.

    • Make sure that each attorney record includes the attorney’s ARDC number and current email address.

    • Check this list (created Dec 2017 by GAL) of potentially bad attorney records in your system. Find your court in the list. If you haven’t already fixed the entries that pertain to your court, please do so. Start by fixing the attorney records of frequent filers.

3. Your Pro Se attorney record needs to be set to ARDC 6677

Use the same steps used to fix attorney address records. Click here for instructions.

4. Install the Judici E-Pay reconciliation tool --to reconcile payments receipted by eFileIL

Even if you do not use Judici E-Plea & Pay, you will need to use this tool. It needs to be installed only on those computers where payments will be reconciled.

    1. Staff tasked with reconciling eFileIL payments should, on their PC

      1. Close any PC JIMS programs

      2. Open the "GAL Software" folder on their Imaging drive

      3. Run/install the following:

    • PCJIMSEPayFullInstall-.exe

    • ...and the install file for those PC JIMS programs already installed on their PC:




    1. We will train how to use the reconciliation tool when we train on e-filing.

For additional instructions on getting ready for e-filing, and how things will work, please see PC JIMS Courts Inbox: Efiling and other PC JIMS Inbox Functions (for Circuit Clerk Staff). [Cnv- link, link is missing]