Employee Management: Setup (initial and subsequent)

Set up the System Tables

    • Before entering employees, set up all Departments, Job Titles, and Unions in the System Tables.

    1. Technical->System Tables, select the appropriate table.

    1. Table window will open. Select the first empty field in the Value column to begin typing (one entry per line)

    1. When all entries have been made, press Save.

Add a new employee

    1. Go to the Employee Hub, then File-> New Employee

    1. Enter the employee's information.

Edit Employee Information

    1. Demographics Tab

      1. SSN is required

      2. Enter employee address and phone

      3. Spouse is optional

    2. Work Information Tab

      1. Select Department, Job Title, and Union from the drop down menus

      2. Select the Hire-in Date and Probation Ends dates from the drop down calendars or type the date in the fields using format mm/dd/yyyy.

      3. Hours Per Work Day and Hours Per Pay Period are formatted in hours:minutes. Type in the appropriate number, or use the arrows.

        1. Use arrows to indicate hours and minutes.

      1. Part-time- left-click in the box to indicate that the employee is part-time

      2. Pay Rate/Salary: Employees paid hourly should indicate their hourly rate. Salaried employees should indicate their yearly rate.

      3. Select the appropriate Pay Type from the drop down, Hourly or Salary.

    1. User IDs Tab

      1. Select the employee's JIMS User ID from the drop down

        1. Employee must have a valid User ID listed in the security table in JIMS

      1. Indicate their User ID to save the new employee.

    1. Hours Tab

      1. New employee info must be saved before adding/importing hours.