Blank configuration workbook with CMS Codes from PC JIMS

Current version

Available here [Cnv- link, link is missing]

Revised 05/02/2019 approx 10:00 AM

Based on v. 1.4 of the eFileIL Trial Court Public Facing Codes

Revision notes

04/18/2019 approx. noon revision

    • On the Filing Fee tab, I updated the prices to indicate the new maximum amount for probate claims

04/18/2019 approx. 11:00 revision

    • On the Filing Fee tab items for initial filing and appearance schedule fees, added a note to remind people to include Law Library fee and Arbitration fee (if applicable)

    • Took my test prices out of the initial and appearance fee items on the Filing Fee tab! Oops!

04/17/2019 revision

  • Changed calc of Counter/Third Party Claim filing fees to make sure they aren't less than 0 (if the appearance fees are less than the filing fees).

  • Implemented new Filing Fees for residential foreclosure tiers 1, 2 and 3, which add $550, $300 and $100 respectively to the Schedule 1 filing fee. This covers the appropriate tier fee and the $50 Foreclosure Prevention Fee.

  • Implemented new FFs for Administration of Decedent's Estate CT/subtype, to add extra $100 Guardianship Advocacy Fee and related Clerk Ops ($95/5)

  • Made juvenile CCs non-visible by default

  • On Filing Code tab, the second Resignation item had the wrong CMS Code

  • Added case categories and other missing column values to the last three "Limited Entry-Local Counsel" filing codes (two SC and one LM)

04/22/2019 9:30 revision

    • Added obsolete subtypes (internal GAL note: copy/paste, chk. Visib)

04/22/2019 10:15 revision

    • Removed required Party types from Probate change of venue, per e-mail from Tyler (DT)

04/25/2019 revision

    • Tweaked the implementation of the limited appearance change from the 4/17/2019 revision

04/28/2019 revision

    • Included Missing Persons as a subtype on which the guardianship advocacy fee can be charged

04/30/2019 approx. 5:30 pm revision

    • On Filing Code tab item for SC 12-persion jury , changed Filing Fee Reference to CV14-SC-JD12 . Previously was pointing to the regular price ($212.50)

04/30/2019 approx. 6:15

    • On Filing Code tab, fixed the last two limited Entry-Local Counsel entries to have filing Fee Ref Code APPFS14-2

05/01/2019 approx.11:00AM

    • On Filing Code tab, removed filing fee references from various items on criminal case, as per AOIC input to Trey on 4/30/201

      • Plan is to have Tyler fix these after the fact, so there is no need to test whether this change was made on configs submitted after this time

05/02/2019 approx.10:00AM

    • On Case Type tab, the inactive entries for Mental Health Court had junk data in Allow Initial Filings. These should be "No". Derl says Tyler has been fixing these so far.

Pending issues not fixed in Master are documented here.