The entire process of filing on an existing case

    1. Filer searches by case number or name. Assuming there are matches, this will return either a single case or multiple matches on name.

    2. User asks to file on one of the cases, and the EFSP then calls GetCase against the CMS using that case number

    3. The CMS returns the same kinds of codes the court set up in its eFileIL configuration spreadsheet- the Case Category (which is used for case type in Illinois) and the Case Type (which is used for subtype in Illinois)

      1. If either of those codes are missing, the EFSP will not allow filing on the case- this is because the configuration is built around the CC and CT codes (see the court's eFileIL configuration spreadsheet). Because many of our courts haven't been in the practice of using subtypes, they will need to do some setup work to ensure that people will be able to file into cases originally set up without a subtype. See here [Cnv- link, but link is dead] for more on this.